To be as concise as possible:

I am so lucky to get to know my clients and to be let into their lives. Whether we work together for a session or wedding, it’s an honor to capture intimate moments that are special to you. 

My clients may not have the same religious and political beliefs as me, but it is important for you to know who I am as a person and as a photographer and who you are supporting when you hire me.

I am so proud to be married to my wife and so thankful for the opportunity to raise our two boys to be kind humans. I am a queer woman who knows how important it is to feel safe while being seen.  

I am happy to photograph your love and your family, no matter what your love and your family look like. I am familiar with complicated familial relationships regarding gender expression and sexuality. You do not have to explain to me who you love and why you love them.

Weddings are a beautiful thing – they are joyous, wonderful, and can be overwhelming.  Still, you are marrying your love, surrounded by people who support you. This is your gathering, your celebration. My intention is to help you return to the warmth and spirit of why you are having the day to begin with. 

I've got you.

- Leah