Hi, I'm Leah.

and hopefully, we are about to be friends.

For 16 years, I have been documenting love in all of the different ways it shows itself. I talk a lot, get excited about lighting and the things we find that we have in common.

I read my age in books every year.

Which means that usually in November, I'm needing to read a book every 3 days to make up for being so behind. I'm always stressed. I don't know why I do this.

I absolutely love Survivor.

I've been Jeff Probst for Halloween. I have the same argument semi frequently with my wife about if I would be a good contestant (she says no).

My family rules.

I'm obsessed with all of them- Karen, my wife of 5 years. Harper, my 14 year old son. George, my little perfect 1 year old man. Harold, the best bad dog in the business. My home is my safe space.

I am words of affirmation to a T, love watching documentaries about death or extreme sports, and my absolute favorite feeling is the feeling of being known. I dance often, love meals that involve a lot of stirring on the stove, and try to be as vulnerable as a situation allows. I love playing pool and yahtzee. Yes, I'd love a glass of wine.

I'm truly in love with being known and knowing others. I ask a lot of questions and I want to capture you and your loved one(s) with sincerity. I do not believe in guilty pleasures. I do believe in living life with straight forwardness and the knowledge that we are all human. I will treat you with excitement, warmth, and intention. And I'll take your new favorite photos while doing so.

I want your photographs to reflect you. I am opinionated when I need to be and pride myself on being able to make all kinds of people comfortable in front of my camera. I'm interested in the authenticity of your day and the small moments that make it special to you. I focus on being as documentary-driven as possible with how I capture our time together. I will feel like your friend- you should be safe and comfortable with me. I'm direct and confident, kind and sarcastic. I sincerely love what I do and when I can make people celebrated and beautiful- that's the sweet spot.